Friday, November 6, 2009

First Date

With "First Date", the story takes place very shortly after the season 3 finale. Our heroes are still in Ba Sing Se when Aang gets an invitation from the elite of the city to celebrate his victory and bringing an end to the war. Aang knows just who he'd love to bring along...

This is a nicely executed piece- both in art and story (though a moment or two feels too "modern"). What is nice is that the author keeps the relationship of Aang and Katara still awkward. This is, after all, their real first date, a chance to be together without the pressure of war. It feels faithful to the show.

Let us hope the author will have the time to complete this story!

Author: "limey404"
Story: 10 pages so far, story ongoing
Shipping: AangXKatara

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Television series like Avatar have production hurdles, the biggest one being time constraints: there is so much that can be told and shown in 22 minutes and within a season of 20 episodes. Material needs to be edited out, moments we would have loved to see never got told * .

Jet -Lagged allows us this wonderful leisure of taking a breather and seeing more of the Avatar world. As an added bonus, it follows the story of two secondary characters: Smellerbee and Longshot, during their time in Ba-Sing-Se when Jet got captured by the Dai Li.
(it may be a question of personal taste, but I do love stories involving secondary characters).

The art is solid, the story moving at its own pace and still entertaining. If it was printed in a book, I would buy it without hesitation.

Author: "DoodleBuggy"
Link: , please note not all the pages are uploaded in this gallery so take the time and visit the rest here:

Story: unfinished- continuing
Ships: SmellerbeeXLongshot, the focus so far is not romantic but friendship. We'll see how it develops.

* Talking about stories never told, if anyone knows of a comic telling of Iroh's journey into the spirit world, let me know!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Avatar-Marvel Crossover

It was a perfect match: Dr. Doom and Azula.

Two people focused on world conquering and domination. What could be more natural for them to join forces, get married, have a liitle girl (Cynthia) and... somehow, find themselves falling in the routine of normal married couples.

Their every day lives may be mundane, but their story is still a lot of fun to read and quite sweet for villains.

I'm loving the idea. It is not only an unexpected crossover, but it gives a lot of depth to the characters. The little winks to the Marvel Universe and its characters bring some nice touches of humor.

The author did another short story, this time focusing on Azula and her frustration with her marriage and where her life has been headed. She does make one fateful encounter...

My only regret about this comic is that it is hard to find over the web, being posted here and there in pieces. You may be able to find them all in one place by making a search for Doom Azula or Doomzula.

I also have no information about the author. If anyone has any more information about this fun comic, please let me know so I can update this entry. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Author: Anonymous
Story: Complete (as far as I know). Numbers of chapters unknown.
Link: Missing
Shipping: DoomXAzula
Avatar belongs to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon and Viacom.
Dr. Doom and Spiderman belong to Marvel.

Monday, November 2, 2009

"How I Became Yours"

Trying to stay neutral and objective about "How I Became Yours" (or HIBY for short) is almost impossible. It does have a fan base, and about as many (if not a whole lot more) detractors. It has earned the dubious honor of being one of the most well known fancomics out there, perhaps not for the best reasons.

The story is set a few years after the end of the serie and mostly deals with the main characters' relationships and much drama.

First time I saw the pages, it had a home on Deviant Art. A first glance at little preview thumbnails looked impressive: fully colored detailed pages, characters that looked on model. A lot of work went into these pages.

You know what? Little thumbnails can be tricky.

I want to put HIBY in a cross over Alternate Universe. The author seemed to have wanted to do a straight, future continuation of the Avatar world, yet mixes the oriental influence of the show with unmistakable european elements. This is most evident in the characters' dress and environments. There is heavy use of photographs for the backgrounds.

I dare not even thread upon the subject of the story or the cast. An author can have fun with characters' personalities or their powers, but this story reached new heights in doing that. I may go as far as saying that a lot of things get twisted.

I'll never bash someone for their artistic abilities, but the blatant abuse of cut and paste is impossible to ignore. A lot of images look traced; it could be forgivable if only the author didn't keep denying it. It is hard to believe, especially since a lot of screen grabbed images from the serie fit almost line for line over some of the art.
Here is one example of overuse of cut and paste that can reach ridiculous levels.
You can see only one drawing was done for all the panels on one page (or for multiple pages!). All that was done was resizing Sokka, Zuko and Aang as needed, plus tilting Aang. Their expressions or eye directions never change, even in panel 4 where Aang is in a very uncomfortable position (what are you looking at, Sokka?)
It's still my favourite bad page.
Artists, please take note: this is NOT how you should do comics (unless you have a project like Dinosaur Comics ).
The multiple grammatical mistake can either hinder your reading or make you laugh.
Forgive me for stopping here, my brain needs a rest. HIBY overdose.
If you're interested in knowing more about the comic, you can read the TV Trope here:
If you would want to see more (admit it, you are curious now), the original pages used to be hosted on Deviant Art. Unfortunately, the artist got banned and her gallery is no longer available. A bit of search on DA can still unearth some of the pages. The rest of the story can be found here:
Deep down, I hope it never disappears from the web. Not necessarily for the right reasons.
All art and story by Jackie Diaz.
Avatar, its world and characters, belong to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Paramount.

Nickelodeon Magazine

As some of you may know, Nickelodeon Magazine will soon stop publication. Two more issues as of this date, meaning the last one should be in December.
For the moment, a few of the Avatar comics are accessible on the web via their website: Select the Avatar icon and a list of the comics available online will appear at the right of your screen. The current worry is that with the closing of the publication, there may not be any updates to the website. The worst outcome would be a complete shut down of the Nick Magazine website, since there will be no new issues to provide new material.
But that's just speculation. Hopefully, someone will take over and provide a good home for all the comics (not just the Avatar ones).
On a good note, Nick Magazine in Germany will be publishing new Avatar comics. Will these be available on the web? Time will tell.

(pictured below: art from "Private Fire", line art Johane Matte, Color Wes Dzioba, story by Josh Hamilton, originally published as an extra for the season 3 DVDs).

The beginning of a new blog

I shouldn't be starting a new blog. That was my first thought.
I don't have enough time. Yet, this idea has been gnawing at me for a while now.
The idea is not original. A group on Deviant Art, , had started doing a catalog of all the Avatar Fancomics available on DA.

The club seems to have died down, with no new entries for quite a few months now.
The comic making hasn't stopped, many of them not necessarily on Deviant Art. I will try to update this blog as regularly as possible, with short notes and links to the original comics that are posted on the web.

I should start soon with the official Avatar comics on the Nick Website.
Wish me luck!