Monday, November 2, 2009

Nickelodeon Magazine

As some of you may know, Nickelodeon Magazine will soon stop publication. Two more issues as of this date, meaning the last one should be in December.
For the moment, a few of the Avatar comics are accessible on the web via their website: Select the Avatar icon and a list of the comics available online will appear at the right of your screen. The current worry is that with the closing of the publication, there may not be any updates to the website. The worst outcome would be a complete shut down of the Nick Magazine website, since there will be no new issues to provide new material.
But that's just speculation. Hopefully, someone will take over and provide a good home for all the comics (not just the Avatar ones).
On a good note, Nick Magazine in Germany will be publishing new Avatar comics. Will these be available on the web? Time will tell.

(pictured below: art from "Private Fire", line art Johane Matte, Color Wes Dzioba, story by Josh Hamilton, originally published as an extra for the season 3 DVDs).

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