Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Avatar-Marvel Crossover

It was a perfect match: Dr. Doom and Azula.

Two people focused on world conquering and domination. What could be more natural for them to join forces, get married, have a liitle girl (Cynthia) and... somehow, find themselves falling in the routine of normal married couples.

Their every day lives may be mundane, but their story is still a lot of fun to read and quite sweet for villains.

I'm loving the idea. It is not only an unexpected crossover, but it gives a lot of depth to the characters. The little winks to the Marvel Universe and its characters bring some nice touches of humor.

The author did another short story, this time focusing on Azula and her frustration with her marriage and where her life has been headed. She does make one fateful encounter...

My only regret about this comic is that it is hard to find over the web, being posted here and there in pieces. You may be able to find them all in one place by making a search for Doom Azula or Doomzula.

I also have no information about the author. If anyone has any more information about this fun comic, please let me know so I can update this entry. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Author: Anonymous
Story: Complete (as far as I know). Numbers of chapters unknown.
Link: Missing
Shipping: DoomXAzula
Avatar belongs to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon and Viacom.
Dr. Doom and Spiderman belong to Marvel.


  1. Seconded.

    It's the best Avatar-involved crossover fan-work I have ever seen.