Friday, November 6, 2009

First Date

With "First Date", the story takes place very shortly after the season 3 finale. Our heroes are still in Ba Sing Se when Aang gets an invitation from the elite of the city to celebrate his victory and bringing an end to the war. Aang knows just who he'd love to bring along...

This is a nicely executed piece- both in art and story (though a moment or two feels too "modern"). What is nice is that the author keeps the relationship of Aang and Katara still awkward. This is, after all, their real first date, a chance to be together without the pressure of war. It feels faithful to the show.

Let us hope the author will have the time to complete this story!

Author: "limey404"
Story: 10 pages so far, story ongoing
Shipping: AangXKatara


  1. I have a few things to say.
    For one, I love Avator and glad someone started a blog to show its fanart. Well- fan comic.
    And the art is well done, I'm glad there's good work out there and that someone cares enough to gather it together like this.
    Also, I've decided to follow this and I hope you update often.

  2. tengo una duda ¿lo tienes en español latinoamericano?